Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bye bye Mikunigaoka...‏

That's right folks, I'm getting transferred. To guess where.....KYOTO!!!! I am so stoked. In case you don't realize the excitement and the beauty that is Kyoto go on google right now. All of those pretty castles and beautiful sakura trees that you see of Japan, that all happens in Kyoto. I am way excited.

More specifically I am being transferred to an area called Joyo. I don't know anything about it or my companion but I like change and I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in Joyo. And my wonderful companion, Sister Griffin, is becoming a sister training leader. She's a rockstar though, so not much surprise there.

Speaking of rockstars, our recent convert, Maichan, went on a date with the only other single adult her age in our ward this past week. They've both been coming to Eikaiwa together and we read the Book of Mormon with both of them every week. This doesn't have any relevance to any of you but when Griffin Shimai and I found out, we freaked out. We love her. And we love that her social life is blossoming in the gospel.

This week was awesome. Our investigators are really progressing super well and we were able to find a couple of new ones this week. One of our investigators is Deguchi. He is the happiest 63 year old man I've ever met. He has lost half of 2 of his fingers and his job requires him to do dangerous things every day. Yet he continues to laugh and love life. During Griffin Shimai and I's weekly planning session this past week we were talking about him and whether or not we should set a baptismal date for him. We both just kind of got this feeling that we should wait another week. So we met with him 2 Saturdays ago and one of our dosekis (member present at a lesson) asked him if he was getting baptized. (This doseki in particular likes to be bold and take over the invitation part of the lesson sometimes) Deguchi said with the biggest smile on his face that yes, he was getting baptized in April. (Before we had never talked about a date) And we were then able to set a date with him right then and there. April 20th folks. Now Deguchi is calling us to meet and set up appointments and his desire to be baptized is stronger now than ever. The Lord knew that he needed to set his own goal in order for him to really want to be baptized. Jesus Christ knows His sheep, and through us the lost sheep can return to the fold. The Holy Ghost is real.

Is any one else getting stoked for General Conference? I know I am.

Love you all. Remember that God and His Son loves you too!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

We Need A Miracle!

That's right kazoku to tomodachi. Griffin Shimai and I need a miracle. Masumoto Shimai's baptism is this week planned on Saturday and just recently her husband is telling us that he thinks she should wait. WHAT. No. Waiting will do nothing. He isn't against the church or anything he is just wanting her to wait. Satan is real. And he's working harder now more than ever.

Along with the lines of this yakusokusha (person who has committed to be baptized) we saw more real progression this week! We taught her on Tuesday, and as soon as we came in to her living room, she told us, with the biggest proudest grin on her face, that she read the Book of Mormon. We were so happy and excited! She doesn't understand much of it but that of course comes with time. This is what we live for as missionaries. Well, that and baptisms. Actually we just live for baptisms. But these small victories are really exciting too. :)

Something funny about Japan is nobody has couches. Every one sits on the floor. Like, I can't even tell you the last time I saw a couch. Or a real bed. We sleep on futons. They're just little mattresses that you put on the floor. Love them. Love Japan.

Yesterday during church I noticed significant improvement in understanding Japanese. I was sitting in sacrament meeting and listening to the talks, and all of a sudden I realized that I was understanding a little over half of what they were saying. It truly is the little things.

Other than that nothing else has happened. Still loving the mission life. And I get to go to Mr. Donuts. So today is going to be great.

This church is true. Nothing else will bring you closer to you Heavenly Father. And you sure as heck can't get back to Him without this gospel. Love this gospel. Love your neighbors. Love the Lord.

アウリック しまい