Monday, September 22, 2014

Takyuu in English is ping-pong

First off, Takyuu in English is ping-pong. The Japanese love ping-pong. The ward wanted to try to organize a ping pong night in the church. So we had it, and we had invited a bunch of people but unfortunately nobody was able to come from the sisters end. And when we went the choro had only been able to get 1 person to come. So I looked at the sad scene of events that laid before us as we looked at an almost empty room, and decided that there was nothing else we could do but hit the pavement and find some people ourselves right then. Unfortunately nobody came by our invitation still, but it was fun to feel like a missionary and invite everyone we could.

A bird. This week one of our investigators bird died this week. She was really distraught and so we were able to comfort her and what not. That's about it with that.

Today we went to Himeji-jou. It's a really really old, BEAUTIFUL temple. A member took us and we had a lot of fun going out to lunch to eat, and sight seeing. I love the people here. So kind.

As far as that nothing much more happened this week. A lot of our investigators cancelled on us this week so we didn't teach a whole lot, unfortunately. But we are continuing to invite people to come unto Christ. Our purpose as missionaries is great. I love it.

I love you all! Remember that everything given to you is from a loving Heavenly Father! Remember to love your brothers and sisters.

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai

Monday, September 8, 2014

Akashi よ

First off shout out to the best family in the world! I got hand-written letters from everyone in my family last week! THANK YOU. And thank you for continuing to do Family Home Evening. Whoop woop. I will write you all back as soon as I can.

Second off....I'M TRANSFERRING. I'm going to an area called Akashi. Big city and I am so so stoked. And sad. We had a super good week this last week that I'll get to later in my email, but I'm so sad to leave all of the people I've come to love here! :( But it's ok because I know the Lord needs me elsewhere. My new companion's name is Shin Shimai. She's Korean but I don't know if she is full or half. So we'll see there. But apparently she's hilarious and this is her last transfer. So I will have a lot to learn. AND I am in the same district as CURRENT SHIMAI. For those who don't remember she's only the most stellar sister missionary out there and my best friend. We didn't get to be companions this transfer but we got the next best thing. District buddies. Woo!

So this week we saw the Lord's hand day after day! We found 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS. Which is the most I've ever found in a week here. It was awesome. We found this girl who works at the grocery store we go to and has been watching us for the past like month and a half and finally got up the courage to ask us if we were Mormon this past week. New investigator and looking really strong for baptism someday. Then this couple who have been potential investigators for awhile became new investigators after showing up to the church to tell us they want to receive the lessons. They told US. So prepared it's not even funny. Then a less-active that we've been trying to contact for a month or so now we finally met up with this past week. New investigator. 

The Lord's work is hastening. It has been declared. It is our choice whether or not to be apart of it. Let's choose to be apart of it! Declaring the gospel of good news is a happy work! Let's be happy!

I love you all and hope you have a happy week!

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where did August go?

Sorry I don't have much time. We have to teach a lesson soon.... :)

This past week I hit my 10 month mark on the mish. I can't even explain how weird that is...

Any who, with working so many less-actives this week I really learned about the way Heavenly Father feels about us. How He feels about us when we stray from the path that leads us back to Him. How He feels when we have once accepted Him but then because of other things or out of convenience we have rejected Him. It breaks my heart to see these once stalwart members reject the very thing that will bring them the happiness they seek. But then again that's how our loving Heavenly Father feels, でしょう

I love you all and wish the best with this week. Make your Heavenly Father proud. :)

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai