Monday, December 8, 2014

This Week Was A Good One

Well loved ones, another week has passed and here I am sitting at this computer writing to you all. Time seems to fly faster and faster. 

This week was a good one. Taught a lot and found a couple of people who were so prepared to receive the gospel. The work is progressing here in Akashi and I feel so grateful to be apart of it. 

We had a dinner appointment with some members in our ward. My companion and I were in charge of the spiritual message and so we decided to show them the He is the Gift video. (In case you didn't watch it last week here's another chance ). I have watched that video lots of times. But for some reason when I watched it this time with these people that I have learned to love so much it got me. It was amazingly powerful and I could just feel the love of my Heavenly Father pouring out for everyone in that room. I am so grateful to God for giving us His Son. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to share this love with the Japanese people. 

One of the people that we found this week was amazingly prepared. We taught her Saturday, she came to church on Sunday, taught her, stayed for all 3 hours, then she called us afterwards to thank us for letting her come to church. When we taught her that God was her Heavenly Father and that this meant that she was God's daughter she said, "sugoi!" Which in English translates to "amazing!" You bet it's amazing! 

I love this work and I love the Japanese people. I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and has a happy week!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai 

Monday, December 1, 2014

24 days until CHRISTMAS‏

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. Go big you cutie.

So transfer announcements were this week and....I'M STAYING IN AKASHI WITH CURRENT SHIMAI. I am so excited and feel so blessed to be in this crazy awesome area for another transfer. But our area won't have 4 sisters in it anymore. It will become 2 sisters again but it will still be great. :)

This week we have been getting more and more involved with the members in this ward and I love it. On Sunday we went over to this family's house to help decorate their house for Christmas and have FHE and they invited some friends to come too. We talked about eternal families and it was so exciting to see members get so involved in the work. Also during church on Sunday my companion and the other sisters and I performed a musical number. That went well and it was fun. 

Thanksgiving was so good this week! Current Shimai and I went to our local 7/11 and got some fried chicken, sparkling cider, and then thanks to my mother and her wonderful package that got to me the day before we had stuffing and mashed potatoes. And then to top off the meal we had PUMPKIN PIE...pop tarts which seriously tasted just like the real thing. Super yummy. And then we had members invite us over on Saturday so they could feed us a Thanksgiving meal as well. That was super yummy too. All in all it was a great Thanksgiving. :)

This week was really hard. We had about the worst numbers you could ever have. But I learned a really valuable lesson. I learned how to rejoice in other people's successes. The other sisters in our area have been doing really well and are teaching and finding and I learned to instead of getting envious or jealous to congratulate them and find joy in the things that they're doing really well. I have also really learned to supplicate myself to total humility in sincere fervent prayer. It was a happy, hard week. A week where I learned a lot. And I sure didn't want to learn these things in the way I did but that's not how it works. God is in charge and I know if I let Him take the reins then He will guide me to become someone far better than what I had in mind for myself. I love being a missionary and I know that opposition is necessary for growth. I also love and am so grateful for all of you! I hope you have a happy week!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai 

Monday, November 3, 2014

After the Manner of Happiness

The subject of this email comes from a scripture I came across in my personal study the other day. It's in The Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 5:27. 

"And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness."

This part of the scriptures seems to describe my life right now more perfectly than my own words could ever do. In this part of The Book of Mormon the Nephites are having to start all over. And they are working super hard to build a new life. And shortly after describing their labor and all the work they've been putting into living we have this scripture where it says they were happy. 

This week was much of that. A lot of work. A lot of rain. And a lot of difficult experiences. But through it all I truly found that I was and am living after the manner of happiness. A particular experience that comes to mind from this week was our attempt to find a referral that lived 3 hours away by bike. In my experience of being a missionary for the past year (yikes!) I have learned that there a lot of lessons to be learned from riding a bike. This week I learned that we just have to press on. So Current Shimai and I were riding to try to contact this referral. And we were riding in some interesting places, not really knowing where we were going. It was quickly getting dark. And it seemed that with every inch that the sun would go down the rain would only pour harder. We were lost, and after attempting to try to find this referral, and riding 3 hours away, we never found it. And then it was time to go home. There were many times that night where I could have sat down, gave up, cried, and waited and hoped for something better to happen. But we knew that the only way to get home was to pedal. Even in unfavorable, rainy circumstances. We knew that if we didn't press forward there was no way we were ever making it home. 

I feel like our mortal life here on Earth is much of the same. Sometimes we are bombarded with unfavorable circumstances. We don't know when they will end, and sometimes it feels like they last forever. But I know if we press forward, relying on our Savior, Jesus Christ, that we can make it to the end of our trials and hardships and see that He was with us all along. And I know that even a midst the difficult times in our lives we too can live as the Nephites lived, and live "after the manner of happiness."

I know this church is true. I know Jesus Christ lives for you and me so that we may be able to turn to Him for support in the middle of our afflictions. I testify that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it has the power to change lives. I love being a missionary, I love this gospel, and I sure as heck love all of you. Remember to press forward and live "after the manner of happiness" and I can promise that no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to endure it cheerfully. 

I hope you lovelies all have a happy week and remember that your Heavenly Father loves you!

Stay excellent.

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Monday, October 27, 2014

God is in the details

First off I am apologizing for the crappy emails I've been sending lately. I knew they were bad and dull even as I was sending them. I took some advice from my good friend Current Shimai and write about what I learned this week. Hopefully something from what I've learned will help you beautiful people in some way or another. 

This week has been so happy. I love my new companion! Current Shimai is #1. And she's my hero. There's really not much more that needs to be said besides that. It pretty much covers it. And this week marks our 1 year mark of being on the mission. CARAZY. 信じられない. I just can't even believe it. It makes me sad to think of how little time I have left. Yeah I'm not going to think about it. :)

So sometimes on the mission you have these little, what I like to call, "proud mom moments." A couple of weeks ago me and my companion Shin Shimai dropped off some treats for one of our investigators that is always so busy as a surprise. We met this investigator yesterday and she told us that because that made her so happy she did the same to one of her friends a couple of days later. Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ. When we see those little steps of progress towards coming unto Him, it makes all of those frustrating moments before hand worth it. 

This week I learned just what is the subject of this email. God is in the details. Lots of times we think that because God is all-powerful that He has to manifest himself in these miraculous ways. And many times He does. But oh how sweet it is when we have the eyes and heart to see His little manifestations of love for us in our day-to-day lives. So lately I have been running low on deodorant and toothpaste (mom this is not a guilt trip, just a story) and so one of the new sisters that is moving in is going home after this transfer has more than she needs of both and is more than happy to share the love. It seems stupid but when I found that out I could honestly feel my Heavenly Father's love! Just the fact that He was aware of my situation, even something as trivial as not having a lot of deodorant or toothpaste, helped me to feel it. But the biggest manifestation of His love that I've felt is the opportunity He has given me to be companions with Current Shimai. She's been kind of sick on her mission and so I've been praying for her a lot to help her receive the things she needs in order to get better. When I saw that we were going to be companions tears filled my eyes as I realized that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. It's taken a year to finally put us together but it's happened. And it has been a huge blessing in my life. 

Don't discount yourself or others if Heavenly Father doesn't give you large miraculous manifestations of His love for you. I like the little evidences even more than the large ones. They help me feel and know that He so aware of me, and so aware of everything in my life. Even the trivial things. Life truly is more beautiful when we realize that God manifests Himself in the little trivial manners of our lives. It helps us to know just how much He pays attention to us. 

God loves you. He loves me. He is our Heavenly Father and we can feel His love every day if we open our hearts and our eyes. I am grateful for all of your love and prayers and I feel them every day. 

Have a happy week! #ROYALS

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It ends folks ...

My companion is going home tomorrow! NOOOOOOOO. I am going to miss her so much! It is just a weird and unhappy reminder that this whole mission thing ends some day. I don't like to think about it. It makes me sad. 

So transfers....I'm staying! And my new companion is the one and only....CURRENT SHIMAI. Everyone remember the most wonderful person on this Earth?! We're best friends and we've been wanting to be companions ever since the MTC. And it's happening folks. We're about to tear it up here in Akashi. And what's even more fun is Akashi Shimai area is turning into a 4 sister area. And the other sister that is coming is SCHEFFLER SHIMAI. She was my companion in Joyo and now we are going to be living together again! I am so stoked. Let's go Akashi. 

This week was good. We had a lot of chances to eat with the members this week since my companion is going home. So I was able to really build some good relationships with the ward. We also made a lot of really good plans to help our investigators progress towards baptism. We're just teaching and finding on this side of Akashi. I love missionary work so much. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than where I am right now. The church is true and I love all of you so much! Keep it real and happy!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We thank thee o God for a prophet

I am so grateful to have a living prophet on the earth today! To lead and guide us so that we may know what we need to do in order to return to our Heavenly Father. General Conference this weekend was awesome! Made me really happy and seemed to give me just spiritual boost that I needed for this week. :)

This week we had interviews with the mission president. They were awesome! Can I just say that I absolutely love my mission president? He seriously is the best. I have loved how drastically and wonderfully our mission has changed. There seems to be much more love for the people and for the work and most importantly for the Lord. I am grateful to be guided by such wonderful leaders. 

Today we have a typhoon in our midst. The wind and rain is blowing like crazy. Pray for me. :)

This is my last week with my 愛するシン姉妹 (beloved Shin Shimai). She's returning to Korea next week and it breaks my heart! I want to cry! I won't lie and tell you that this transfer has been the easiest with her but I am so grateful that she has been my companion. I have grown to love her so much! 

As far as the work this week we're teaching like crazy and it makes my heart happy! I love teaching! And we're working on helping people progress towards baptism. 

I always love President Monson's addresses at the end of conference. So this Conference was no different. I love how he encouraged us to be a little better, a little kinder. So that is my invitation to all who read this email today. Tomorrow, be a little kinder, be a little better. 

I love you all! Go Royals.

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Monday, September 22, 2014

Takyuu in English is ping-pong

First off, Takyuu in English is ping-pong. The Japanese love ping-pong. The ward wanted to try to organize a ping pong night in the church. So we had it, and we had invited a bunch of people but unfortunately nobody was able to come from the sisters end. And when we went the choro had only been able to get 1 person to come. So I looked at the sad scene of events that laid before us as we looked at an almost empty room, and decided that there was nothing else we could do but hit the pavement and find some people ourselves right then. Unfortunately nobody came by our invitation still, but it was fun to feel like a missionary and invite everyone we could.

A bird. This week one of our investigators bird died this week. She was really distraught and so we were able to comfort her and what not. That's about it with that.

Today we went to Himeji-jou. It's a really really old, BEAUTIFUL temple. A member took us and we had a lot of fun going out to lunch to eat, and sight seeing. I love the people here. So kind.

As far as that nothing much more happened this week. A lot of our investigators cancelled on us this week so we didn't teach a whole lot, unfortunately. But we are continuing to invite people to come unto Christ. Our purpose as missionaries is great. I love it.

I love you all! Remember that everything given to you is from a loving Heavenly Father! Remember to love your brothers and sisters.

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai

Monday, September 8, 2014

Akashi よ

First off shout out to the best family in the world! I got hand-written letters from everyone in my family last week! THANK YOU. And thank you for continuing to do Family Home Evening. Whoop woop. I will write you all back as soon as I can.

Second off....I'M TRANSFERRING. I'm going to an area called Akashi. Big city and I am so so stoked. And sad. We had a super good week this last week that I'll get to later in my email, but I'm so sad to leave all of the people I've come to love here! :( But it's ok because I know the Lord needs me elsewhere. My new companion's name is Shin Shimai. She's Korean but I don't know if she is full or half. So we'll see there. But apparently she's hilarious and this is her last transfer. So I will have a lot to learn. AND I am in the same district as CURRENT SHIMAI. For those who don't remember she's only the most stellar sister missionary out there and my best friend. We didn't get to be companions this transfer but we got the next best thing. District buddies. Woo!

So this week we saw the Lord's hand day after day! We found 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS. Which is the most I've ever found in a week here. It was awesome. We found this girl who works at the grocery store we go to and has been watching us for the past like month and a half and finally got up the courage to ask us if we were Mormon this past week. New investigator and looking really strong for baptism someday. Then this couple who have been potential investigators for awhile became new investigators after showing up to the church to tell us they want to receive the lessons. They told US. So prepared it's not even funny. Then a less-active that we've been trying to contact for a month or so now we finally met up with this past week. New investigator. 

The Lord's work is hastening. It has been declared. It is our choice whether or not to be apart of it. Let's choose to be apart of it! Declaring the gospel of good news is a happy work! Let's be happy!

I love you all and hope you have a happy week!

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where did August go?

Sorry I don't have much time. We have to teach a lesson soon.... :)

This past week I hit my 10 month mark on the mish. I can't even explain how weird that is...

Any who, with working so many less-actives this week I really learned about the way Heavenly Father feels about us. How He feels about us when we stray from the path that leads us back to Him. How He feels when we have once accepted Him but then because of other things or out of convenience we have rejected Him. It breaks my heart to see these once stalwart members reject the very thing that will bring them the happiness they seek. But then again that's how our loving Heavenly Father feels, でしょう

I love you all and wish the best with this week. Make your Heavenly Father proud. :)

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Still hot and humid and wet but so happy

This week was wonderful! Still hot and humid and wet but so happy! 

We went and proselyted with a YSA this week and today my companion and I are going to see Byodoin temple. It's the temple on the back of the ten yen coin here. And it's in our area. So stoked.

The highlight of my week was this:

 We have an investigator who is a less active. And she has wanted so badly to return to church and take the sacrament but hasn't known how. So she called us. She has a great fear of returning due to an incident with some of the members in our ward. And she's got just a billion other issues. Issues that me and my companion as 20 and 21 year old girls have a very hard time understanding. Haha especially in Japanese. But we've been helping her focus on the future, not the past. Helping her see and understand that Christ's Atonement took care of her fears and worries and that if she simply trusts that then she can return to full-activity. Helping her understand that Christ lives to make an intercession for us every day. And after much struggle she came to church yesterday for the first time in 15 years!!!!!!! She loved it and is excited to come every week. Seeing how Jesus Christ has not only changed my life, but how it is changing the lives of these beautiful people that I love so much is the greatest thing in this world. I wouldn't trade it for real beds, a dish washer, drier, or car or anything else in the world. There is no way I would give up a year and a half of my life to anything less than the only true church in the world. 

I love you all and hope that you all remember how much your Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ love you. Christ is there for us, if we let him, every step of the way. 

Happy a super duper week!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai

Monday, August 18, 2014

We are the Lord's Greatest Masterpiece


Hello friends and family everywhere! It has been another beautiful, hot, wet week here in good old Joyo. But happy all the same. :)

Last preparation day we went sight seeing in this beautiful place called Fushimi Inari. Look it up on Google or something. It's way awesome. We went there with the Sister Training Leaders and we had a ball. :)

Also this last week was a Japanese holiday called Bon. Everyone has work off and legend has it that the dead come and visit their graves. So in celebration of Bon we went to a less-actives house for dinner and I got to watch FIREWORKS. ひさしぶりい I love fireworks. And I especially love them in Japan. 

This week was one full of trial, and of course the eminent error. But in the process I have learned to love my investigators and the people of Japan even more. Working so hard to help these beautiful people come unto Christ makes me love them even more. And because I love these people so much sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ is a joy, pleasure, and a privilege. Even though I do get rejected on the regular, it sure doesn't deter my spirit. Because I know this church is true! And Heavenly Father wants these people to accept just as much as the people in America and Brazil. There is no reason to be discouraged. We have the Spirit and the Lord on our side. What is there to fear?

Our investigators that are progressing are progressing INCREDIBLY WELL. But we have been struggling to find new investigators. But something I am learning is sometimes the Lord uses us to build others, and sometimes he just gives us time to build ourselves. To test us to try us and see how much we truly do love Him. Along with learning to love these people so much this week I have learned to love my Heavenly Father. To thank Him in every trial, and every step of the way. Because I know He is with me and I know He loves me because He is allowing me this time to grow. I thank Him every day.

Let our motives be love. Let's all grow a love for the gospel, for our friends, family, and neighbors. And most importantly a love for our Heavenly Father who loves us so much. Because when love becomes the motive sharing the gospel isn't scary anymore. It becomes a joy. :)

Love you all and thank you for your support!

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Monday, August 11, 2014


Experienced my first typhoon this week! Crazy winds and rain, it was super exciting! It got so bad that they even cancelled church yesterday. Which kind of stunk. I don't get to take the sacrament for another week..... :( But we are both safe and sound and there wasn't really that bad of damage at all. 


This week was a lot of self-reflection. A lot of humbling myself and realigning my will with the Lord's. So recently we haven't been finding new investigators or getting people to church. So I was counseled by one of my Zone Leaders to pray about why that wasn't happening. So I did and the answer was that we weren't talking to enough people. So we, as a companionship, decided that as we were going to visit less-actives and such we would stop anybody and everybody we saw, tell them who we are and what we do, and ask if they are interested in learning about God and/or Jesus Christ. Honestly most of them no. But this did not deter our spirits. We knew that people would listen to us as we followed the Holy Ghost. So we continued on in this manner. And it was my day to lead on the bikes and I saw this girl who looked about 15 or 16 and decided to stop her. So I did, started talking to her in Japanese, and she responded in beautiful perfect English. Both Kerr Shimai and I got super excited and after asking her if she's interested in learning about God or Jesus Christ she said that she already goes to church. When we asked her where she said, "The Latter-Day Saint church." We about dropped dead. Haha we then pointed to our badges and told her that we were missionaries. We had never seen this girl in our lives. Anyways after getting to know her a bit we find out that she's been living in Japan for about 3 years but hasn't been to church in awhile. Can we say LESS-ACTIVE?!?!?!?! Any who, after we got home we looked at the ward directory and didn't see her name anywhere. We then called the Young Women's President and asked if she knew her. She said she did and that she has been visiting a couple times but never been able to get a hold of her. But that she had been praying for her a lot lately. We then set up an appointment with her to go visit her this next week. Heavenly Father, through the Holy Ghost, guided us to this girl who we had no record of and who our Young Women's President had been earnestly praying for. 


As we humble ourselves and constantly strive to follow the Holy Ghost He will lead us to the lost. And He will answer prayers. Our Heavenly Father is very aware of each of our situations. I am so grateful He is aware of mine. :)


Love you and hope everyone has a good first day back at school!


Love your Japanese Friend,

Aulick Shimai


Monday, July 28, 2014

First off, CONGRATS MARISSA. Your wedding looks like it was awesome! Love you and have fun on the honeymoon!

Also on the 30th of this week will mark my 1/2 way mark on the mission. I hear it's just downhill from here and it only goes faster. It's crazy how fast it's all gone thus far. I'm stoked for the next 9 months!

In other news, both Kerr Shimai and I are staying in Joyo! I will have been here for 4 transfers and will see summer through in one of the hottest parts in the mission. Drink lots of water everyone. 

Also a member of the bishopric calls me Sunday morning and asked me to speak in sacrament meeting that day. I said sure and was grateful I learned the importance of keeping and recycling talks from my dad. Thanks dad for being a high councilor for who knows how many years. I used a talk I gave in my first area and it went great. 

This week was awesome! We found 2 new investigators and taught 4 lessons this week! I love the way the work continues to progress and hasten here in Joyo! We went and visited one of our less-actives last night and were just planning to check up on her. See how she was doing. But what we thought was going to only be like a 20 minute meeting or so turned into an hour and a half talk about what she was struggling with. I was able to hold her hands, look into her tear stained eyes and testify about how God is her Heavenly Father and how she is His daughter. It was awesome and I don't know if I've ever felt the Holy Ghost work through more powerfully than last night. 

I know if we open our mouths and testify of the simple things we do know Heavenly Father will give us the words through the Holy Ghost that our brothers and sisters need to hear. 

Keep loving and living life everyone. Never forget who you are! Beloved sons and daughters of a king!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai 


That's right everyone it's ocean day!

That's right everyone it's ocean day! So go put on your swimsuit and hug your nearest ocean!

This week we met an 87 year old man who was still as genki as ever and still riding his bike to get places. I wasn't kidding when I said that everyone and anyone can get around here by using their bike. I love the old kooks here. 

Also the Gion Matsuri was so much fun! I will send pictures.

I feel like I don't talk about my investigators very much, sorry. We have an investigator with a baptismal date in a couple of weeks but with the amount of effort she's putting in we're not sure if she'll make it or not. And another less-active investigator who is supposed to be fully active by the end of August. And if we don't start meeting with her she probably won't make it either. BUT we are praying like crazy and riding our bikes like crazy and doing everything we can to help these people. But a pleasant surprise was that one of our investigators that hasn't really been progressing that well because of some panic issues and mental health problems and such is all of a sudden progressing incredibly well this past week! And all because of the Book of Mormon. I'm telling you, that book is magic. I love it so much.  

So we got to teach 2 lessons this week! Yay for improvement! My learning tid bit for the week is that attitude is everything. Honestly our numbers haven't really changed that much. And nothing has changed a whole lot but I learned this week to not ask Heavenly Father to change my circumstances but instead to change me in my circumstances. AND I AM SO HAPPY. The amount of patience and love that Heavenly Father has given me this week is unreal and so undeserved. But I have been making sure to thank Him every step of the way. 

If there is something about your life right now that you don't like, then change it. And if you can't change it, then change your attitude. 

Love you all and hope your week is full of happy smiles and rainbows!

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai 


Monday, June 30, 2014

Where It All Began

I totally forgot but a couple weeks ago marked the year mark when I received my call. So crazy how time flies. I remember when I got it and always thinking that something bad would happen to where I wouldn't be able to come to Japan. It was all too good to be true. And now I'm here, spreading and sharing the happiest news the world has ever heard. And today I've been in Japan for 6 months and on the mission for 8 months. Nuts.

Speaking of anniversaries happy 32nd wedding anniversary to the most wonderful parents and examples a sister missionary could ask for. Love you mom and pop! 

And welcome to the world Brielle Vivan Aulick! My sweet little niece was born on the 27th weighing in at 2 lbs and 2 oz. Man was she excited to get to earth. I can't wait to meet you!

So this week I have truly understood and felt the joy of the work. It wasn't exactly one event that made me realize this but rather just looking at my week as a whole. So right now I am area senpai (area senior companion) because my companion came here. So she didn't know anything about the area. But because of that I've really had to rely and take responsibility for receiving revelation for my investigators and such these past couple of weeks because she doesn't really know them that well. So all of my thoughts, and literally every second of these past couple of weeks have been doing something for our investigators. And you know what? I've never been happier. It is amazing what the Lord will do to lift your spirit when you learn not to focus on yourself. I am grateful for this gospel. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for every day that I have to serve my Lord and my Shepherd. It is His praise that I long to hear at the Second Coming. I love all of you and am grateful for your support, prayers, and love. 

May the good Lord bless and keep you.

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai

Monday, June 16, 2014

Didn't anyone tell you not to listen to rumors?‏

Haha my dear, beautiful Kansans. Just to clear up the apparent rumor that went around, I have not been in a bike accident. I have been 100% healthy since being in Japan. Please, don't fret, life is good in this part of the world. :)

Well we got transfer calls and I am staying in Joyo but, sadly my companion leaving. But we'll be in the same zone still so that's super exciting! My new companion's name is Sister Kerr. I know nothing about her but I am excited to work in this part of the Lord's vineyard with another one of Heavenly Father's daughters. :)

This week was great! We had 2 nonmembers, 3 less-actives and a lot of visitors at church yesterday. And I got to see a baptism! The elder's investigator got baptized and it was awesome. I love seeing people in white! 

This last week we, as a zone had our last meeting with our mission president. He's awesome. I cried. I am really going to miss him. For all of you missionaries, you know Zone Training Meeting? My mission president invented that. Rad right? But I am still excited for our new mission president. He'll be great too!

We're just working hard over here. Nothing really new is happening really. Just loving life as a missionary!

Keep being awesome in America. Eat a hamburger for me or something. And remember that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of you and is there for you every step. Remember Him and I promise your life will be filled with a joy that you've never experienced.

Love you and thank you for all of your love and support!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shaking an Apostle's Hand‏

Yeah, you read that heading right. This week Elder D. Todd Chritofferson came to Japan just to talk to our mission and the members in this area. It was awesome. The church is true. I am reminded of that ever week. The missionaries met with him in the morning and then the members later that night. I got to go to both meetings because we brought a less-active member to the members meeting. Both were amazing and I learned some extremely valuable things that I will probably remember for the rest of my life. 

We were finally able to contact some less-active members that we've been trying to find/contact for a few weeks. But honestly not much else happened this week. Just doing my best to gather and find the elect. Doing my best to become more like Christ each week. Doing my best to work as hard as I can to see the success to help this work hasten. It's not easy. But the reward is worth it. 

Keep your heads high, your sights set on the prize, and your heart open. 

Love your Japanese Friend,
Aulick Shimai

Monday, April 28, 2014

Puppy Heaven

This email is dedicated to my sweet puppy Curly who just passed away to puppy heaven this week. You were a great dog these past 16 years. You always had stinky breath but always knew how to make anyone feel better. We'll hug it out again in heaven. 

I wish I had more exciting things to write about this week. Not much happened. It's so crazy how much hard work you feel like you put in the work every day. And then when you look back at the week your numbers are so low it's not even funny. Kind of had that kind of week. But all is well, this is still the Lord's work, and my faith is in Jesus Christ, not the results. 

This week on the 30th I hit my 6 months. What is time? So 1/3 of my mission has come and gone and I didn't even know it. Is it going as fast for you guys as it is for me? Don't worry mom, even though I don't want to, I'll be home before you know it.

I literally am at a loss for what to write about this week. Nothing much happened. I guess I can tell a semi-cool story that happened. Yesterday (Sunday) we were done with lunch and deciding what to do because we had previous plans fall through (#MissionaryLife #WhatsNew). And so we just decided to go housing. As we were biking to the place, and housing, nothing felt right. We just knew that there was something better the Lord had in store for us but we couldn't figure out what. So after the 2nd or 3rd "kekko" we got (that's what the Japanese say when they're not interested) we got an email from the ward clerk saying he had yasumi kaiin (less-active member) forms ready for us.
Side note: with this new sisters policy we are required to have these certain forms filled out with the yasumi kaiin's information written on it before we can go visit these people. And the person in charge of that is the ward clerk. 
So we went to the church and got those and now we can really start to fulfill our new responsibility. And that is what the Lord had in mind for us that day. 

After the Lord sees you work, then the blessings will come. 

Love you all. Your support and love is more than I deserve. 

With love from Japan,
Aulick Shimai 
アウリック 姉妹

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy belated Easter loved ones! Easter here isn't really celebrated. Even among the church members. Haha 1 member told me and my companion happy Easter. So that was good. :)

So most of this letter is about our investigator named Fujita. He is stellar. He is a 67 year old man with no family and no friends but wants to meet God more than anything. Senmin (elect) for sure. 

So we taught him Friday and after we taught him he gave us a letter. After finally figuring out what the letter said (kanji, can't read a thing) we realized how sweet and awesome this man truly is. He apologized for not celebrating my birthday and how he didn't want to come to church the first time. And he actually wasn't even going to come to church that first Sunday but because we visited him the Saturday before he came. And now he's going to be baptized. 

So that is actually a pretty cool story. That Saturday that we visited him we weren't even going to visit him because we were at a dinner with all of our most recent converts. And it was getting late and raining and we needed to do our weekly planning session. But we both felt like we should just visit him and remind him about church. The Spirit didn't scream at us to go visit him or anything, but we both felt the small, still prompting and urge from the Spirit. So we visited him. Because of that he came to church, and is going to get baptized in June. 

He really struggled to pray for the first time. He didn't address Heavenly Father and didn't close in the name of Jesus Christ. So it wasn't a huge surprise when he said in his letter that he prayed to me the first time he prayed in his house. Hahaha he apologized for that too. 

I love this people and their simple understanding of God's plan. It is truly a struggle for these people to start on their journey back to God, but helping them brings me the greatest joy I've ever felt in my life. 

I pray that we may all listen and heed to the small promptings of the Spirit. You never know where it may lead but we are promised that we will not be led astray. 

With Love from your Japanese friend, 
Aulick Shimai

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bye bye Mikunigaoka...‏

That's right folks, I'm getting transferred. To guess where.....KYOTO!!!! I am so stoked. In case you don't realize the excitement and the beauty that is Kyoto go on google right now. All of those pretty castles and beautiful sakura trees that you see of Japan, that all happens in Kyoto. I am way excited.

More specifically I am being transferred to an area called Joyo. I don't know anything about it or my companion but I like change and I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in Joyo. And my wonderful companion, Sister Griffin, is becoming a sister training leader. She's a rockstar though, so not much surprise there.

Speaking of rockstars, our recent convert, Maichan, went on a date with the only other single adult her age in our ward this past week. They've both been coming to Eikaiwa together and we read the Book of Mormon with both of them every week. This doesn't have any relevance to any of you but when Griffin Shimai and I found out, we freaked out. We love her. And we love that her social life is blossoming in the gospel.

This week was awesome. Our investigators are really progressing super well and we were able to find a couple of new ones this week. One of our investigators is Deguchi. He is the happiest 63 year old man I've ever met. He has lost half of 2 of his fingers and his job requires him to do dangerous things every day. Yet he continues to laugh and love life. During Griffin Shimai and I's weekly planning session this past week we were talking about him and whether or not we should set a baptismal date for him. We both just kind of got this feeling that we should wait another week. So we met with him 2 Saturdays ago and one of our dosekis (member present at a lesson) asked him if he was getting baptized. (This doseki in particular likes to be bold and take over the invitation part of the lesson sometimes) Deguchi said with the biggest smile on his face that yes, he was getting baptized in April. (Before we had never talked about a date) And we were then able to set a date with him right then and there. April 20th folks. Now Deguchi is calling us to meet and set up appointments and his desire to be baptized is stronger now than ever. The Lord knew that he needed to set his own goal in order for him to really want to be baptized. Jesus Christ knows His sheep, and through us the lost sheep can return to the fold. The Holy Ghost is real.

Is any one else getting stoked for General Conference? I know I am.

Love you all. Remember that God and His Son loves you too!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

We Need A Miracle!

That's right kazoku to tomodachi. Griffin Shimai and I need a miracle. Masumoto Shimai's baptism is this week planned on Saturday and just recently her husband is telling us that he thinks she should wait. WHAT. No. Waiting will do nothing. He isn't against the church or anything he is just wanting her to wait. Satan is real. And he's working harder now more than ever.

Along with the lines of this yakusokusha (person who has committed to be baptized) we saw more real progression this week! We taught her on Tuesday, and as soon as we came in to her living room, she told us, with the biggest proudest grin on her face, that she read the Book of Mormon. We were so happy and excited! She doesn't understand much of it but that of course comes with time. This is what we live for as missionaries. Well, that and baptisms. Actually we just live for baptisms. But these small victories are really exciting too. :)

Something funny about Japan is nobody has couches. Every one sits on the floor. Like, I can't even tell you the last time I saw a couch. Or a real bed. We sleep on futons. They're just little mattresses that you put on the floor. Love them. Love Japan.

Yesterday during church I noticed significant improvement in understanding Japanese. I was sitting in sacrament meeting and listening to the talks, and all of a sudden I realized that I was understanding a little over half of what they were saying. It truly is the little things.

Other than that nothing else has happened. Still loving the mission life. And I get to go to Mr. Donuts. So today is going to be great.

This church is true. Nothing else will bring you closer to you Heavenly Father. And you sure as heck can't get back to Him without this gospel. Love this gospel. Love your neighbors. Love the Lord.

アウリック しまい

Monday, February 24, 2014

Okonomiaki (Meat and Veggie Pancakes) and ... Warmer weather = happy toes

This week my toes were able to experience a fun little thing called frostbite. It honestly wasn't too bad. Yes mom, I promise I've been wearing my wool socks. I wear like 3-4 layers on my feet at any given time. But because I'm allergic to the cold (don't scoff, it's a real thing) I think I was just more prone to it. Don't worry I still have all of my toes, they're just tender now. But it has definitely been warming up here the past few days! So happy toes. :)

Shout out to the Brundige family for sending me the sweetest Valentine's Day package ever! It was such a happy surprise! 

Also, family, I got your V-day letter on the 20. Thank you so much! I love you! 

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTINA. I can't believe you'll be 18. Stop it. Make sure you buy a lotto ticket for me! (just kidding...kind of...)

So last night a member in the ward I served in put together a little party for the single adults in our ward and in a ward near by. We just recently taught a new investigator this week who is considered to be a single adult. So because he was at the party we got to go. It was super fun. We watched a CES devotional that was given at BYU in January (which I understood nothing from) and then we atefood. Because you know they Japanese, they loooooove their food. And our investigator had such a good time! The members were so good at making him feel welcome and happy and really helped him to have fun. He even expressed before hand that he was shy and that he didn't really want to go. But after some encouragement he came. And afterwards he said he was really happy that he came! And now we have a return appointment with him. So (per Megan's request) I have a challenge for you. Next time your ward has an activity, either for relief society, young womens, ward activity, whatever it may be. Invite one of your friends. DO IT. And then tell the missionaries. Let your friends see the light of Christ in action. Because every one has the light of Christ. But the reason people see a difference in the people of this church is because we recognize that light of Christ within us and act on it. So reach out to somebody that may need to hear the gospel. Invite them. It's really as simple as that. The worst they can do is say no. 

Also get ready, I'm feeling that some big miracles are on their way. I don't have time to go more in detail just buckle your seat belts kiddies. And stay tuned....

With all of my love,
Aulick Shimai

Monday, February 17, 2014

1 down 11 to go‏

  • 1 down 11 to go‏

Helloooo my people. Just finished my first transfer in the field. Woah. I love it so much. I am living the dream right now. :)

This week it snowed. And it snowed a lot for Mikunigaoka. We were biking to the church to study (because that's where we study) while it was snowing. And all of my study materials are in a handy little basket that sits in my basket on my bike. Well it was crazy slippery and nearly impossible to ride my bike. And so I was getting up over a curb to get to the sidewalk to wait for the crosswalk light. And as I was doing so my bike tire hit the grove between the sidewalk and the street just right to where I fell over and everything in my basket feel on to the snowy ground. Hahahahaha I felt like such a dweeeeb. I promise I'm ok. I didn't even get hurt. But it was so nice because 2 girls on their way to school came over and helped me but my stuff back in my basket. Granted, picture large snowflakes flurrying around everywhere. Hahaha it was a good time. Gotta love that snow. Gotta love the Japanese people.

My favorite part of this week, and kind of every week, is teaching the after baptism lessons to our recent convert, Maichan. She is so strong and seeing that she is learning that baptism is not the end, but only the beginning is so exciting! These lessons are when we get to talk about the good stuff like missionary work, and temples, and patriarchal blessings. You know, the fun stuff. And seeing how the gospel has truly changed her life and made her so happy truly makes all of the work worth it. Every time we have a lesson with her I am reminded that this is why I do missionary work. It's for those people who are truly prepared to allow the gospel change their lives. Ahhhh I love it. 

Also I gave a talk in church 2 Sundays ago. It went pretty well I think. At least that's what people told me. 

Japanese is still rather tai hen (difficult) but I'm learning more every day. That's honestly my greatest challenge right now. I want to help these people so bad but it's hard to help them when I can't speak to them. Gotta love that missionary learning curve...

Thank you for all of your support! Keep it real America.

Aulick Shimai

Happy Valentines Day . . . (2/9/2014)

Happy Valentines Day . . . (2/9/2014)

But first off Happy Valentine's day soon! I have officially finished my first transfer as a missionary! Like what? I love it so much. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life right now. So transfers are this week and I'm staying! YAYAYYAAYAYAY. I did not want another trainer and I did not want to leave Mikunigaoka. So I'm glad that I got both of those things. :)

So one of my favorite things about being a missionary is all of the different kinds of people you get to meet and talk to. And in Japan there are A LOT of interesting people. So the story behind that thought is this: we found a new investigator this week and we went to teach him in his home. While we were chatting we found out that the blanket we were sitting on (oh yeah in Japan nobody has couches so every one sits on the floor when you have guests) he just bought for us. So that way when we sat on the floor we wouldn't be cold. Isn't that awesome! That's the kind of people that I work with every day. And I love it. But the funny part is that the blanket was pink with black cats on it and it said "gothic fantasy." Haha I love it so much. I love the people here so much. 

So sturdy Q-tips. I warn you this is going to be a little weird but please keep reading, I promise there is a missionary application at the end of this story. I bought my first Japanese Q-tips last week. And they are super sturdy! Like I was cleaning my ears out after my shower last night and those Q-tips weren't bending at all! And lately we've been having problems getting parent's permission for a couple of our investigators to be baptized. And they're date is coming up in less than a month. So I've been struggling with how we can help them and how I can show my faith to the Lord more so He can provide us with whatever miracle is needed to help them be baptized. So as I was cleaning my ears and thought about how I want my faith to be like those Q-tips. And as the Lord is molding me and cleaning me (so to speak) I am going to face trials and I'm going to have to do a lot of hard things. But if I have the faith like the Japanese Q-tip then I will be the missionary and the true disciple of Christ that the Lord wants me to be. And I will get His work done. 

Now let's all be like Japanese Q-tips! 

I love you all and I hope your week is full of love for one another! Thank you for your support!

Aulick Shimai

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello my beautiful people. Here goes another week...

Biking in the cold and knocking on doors is truly the missionary dream! I love it so much and I love sharing the happiest message in the world!

So a highlight of this week is we committed one of our investigators to be baptized! She has crazy amounts of faith because she can't remember much of anything we teach her but she knows what she feels when shes with us and she wants to receive eternal life and so she's getting baptized! We have also begun to teach her husband which is awesome! He's funny and interesting. He likes to laugh at me and my Japanese but it's all good. Still love him as a brother of God. 

This week was pretty normal. Nothing too exciting happened. But here is actually a funny story. So we were tracting at this apartment complex. Now Japanese style tracting is different then normal. First you ring the door bell and then you speak to the person through an intercom system thingy. We pretty much never get invited in. So we knocked on this door and after we said who we were he immediately invited us in. And so we were really surprised because that's extremely uncommon. So we came in and he asked us if we were the help and we said no we were missionaries. And he clearly didn't hear us because he was very old. And we finally were able to communicate with him who we are and so then he yelled at us and asked us what we were doing in there. Hahahaha so we quickly left and afterwards just busted out laughing. I mean he invited us in! Haha I love old Japanese people. 

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary. I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. Thank you for all of your love and support. I am truly blessed with many wonderful beautiful people in my life.

By the way this week marks my 3rd month on my mission. WHAAAAAA

With all of my love,
Aulick Shimai

P.S. Sorry I'm so bad at writing letters
P.P.S. Sorry I'm so bad at telling stories...