Monday, June 16, 2014

Didn't anyone tell you not to listen to rumors?‏

Haha my dear, beautiful Kansans. Just to clear up the apparent rumor that went around, I have not been in a bike accident. I have been 100% healthy since being in Japan. Please, don't fret, life is good in this part of the world. :)

Well we got transfer calls and I am staying in Joyo but, sadly my companion leaving. But we'll be in the same zone still so that's super exciting! My new companion's name is Sister Kerr. I know nothing about her but I am excited to work in this part of the Lord's vineyard with another one of Heavenly Father's daughters. :)

This week was great! We had 2 nonmembers, 3 less-actives and a lot of visitors at church yesterday. And I got to see a baptism! The elder's investigator got baptized and it was awesome. I love seeing people in white! 

This last week we, as a zone had our last meeting with our mission president. He's awesome. I cried. I am really going to miss him. For all of you missionaries, you know Zone Training Meeting? My mission president invented that. Rad right? But I am still excited for our new mission president. He'll be great too!

We're just working hard over here. Nothing really new is happening really. Just loving life as a missionary!

Keep being awesome in America. Eat a hamburger for me or something. And remember that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of you and is there for you every step. Remember Him and I promise your life will be filled with a joy that you've never experienced.

Love you and thank you for all of your love and support!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai

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