Monday, February 17, 2014

1 down 11 to go‏

  • 1 down 11 to go‏

Helloooo my people. Just finished my first transfer in the field. Woah. I love it so much. I am living the dream right now. :)

This week it snowed. And it snowed a lot for Mikunigaoka. We were biking to the church to study (because that's where we study) while it was snowing. And all of my study materials are in a handy little basket that sits in my basket on my bike. Well it was crazy slippery and nearly impossible to ride my bike. And so I was getting up over a curb to get to the sidewalk to wait for the crosswalk light. And as I was doing so my bike tire hit the grove between the sidewalk and the street just right to where I fell over and everything in my basket feel on to the snowy ground. Hahahahaha I felt like such a dweeeeb. I promise I'm ok. I didn't even get hurt. But it was so nice because 2 girls on their way to school came over and helped me but my stuff back in my basket. Granted, picture large snowflakes flurrying around everywhere. Hahaha it was a good time. Gotta love that snow. Gotta love the Japanese people.

My favorite part of this week, and kind of every week, is teaching the after baptism lessons to our recent convert, Maichan. She is so strong and seeing that she is learning that baptism is not the end, but only the beginning is so exciting! These lessons are when we get to talk about the good stuff like missionary work, and temples, and patriarchal blessings. You know, the fun stuff. And seeing how the gospel has truly changed her life and made her so happy truly makes all of the work worth it. Every time we have a lesson with her I am reminded that this is why I do missionary work. It's for those people who are truly prepared to allow the gospel change their lives. Ahhhh I love it. 

Also I gave a talk in church 2 Sundays ago. It went pretty well I think. At least that's what people told me. 

Japanese is still rather tai hen (difficult) but I'm learning more every day. That's honestly my greatest challenge right now. I want to help these people so bad but it's hard to help them when I can't speak to them. Gotta love that missionary learning curve...

Thank you for all of your support! Keep it real America.

Aulick Shimai

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