Monday, February 24, 2014

Okonomiaki (Meat and Veggie Pancakes) and ... Warmer weather = happy toes

This week my toes were able to experience a fun little thing called frostbite. It honestly wasn't too bad. Yes mom, I promise I've been wearing my wool socks. I wear like 3-4 layers on my feet at any given time. But because I'm allergic to the cold (don't scoff, it's a real thing) I think I was just more prone to it. Don't worry I still have all of my toes, they're just tender now. But it has definitely been warming up here the past few days! So happy toes. :)

Shout out to the Brundige family for sending me the sweetest Valentine's Day package ever! It was such a happy surprise! 

Also, family, I got your V-day letter on the 20. Thank you so much! I love you! 

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTINA. I can't believe you'll be 18. Stop it. Make sure you buy a lotto ticket for me! (just kidding...kind of...)

So last night a member in the ward I served in put together a little party for the single adults in our ward and in a ward near by. We just recently taught a new investigator this week who is considered to be a single adult. So because he was at the party we got to go. It was super fun. We watched a CES devotional that was given at BYU in January (which I understood nothing from) and then we atefood. Because you know they Japanese, they loooooove their food. And our investigator had such a good time! The members were so good at making him feel welcome and happy and really helped him to have fun. He even expressed before hand that he was shy and that he didn't really want to go. But after some encouragement he came. And afterwards he said he was really happy that he came! And now we have a return appointment with him. So (per Megan's request) I have a challenge for you. Next time your ward has an activity, either for relief society, young womens, ward activity, whatever it may be. Invite one of your friends. DO IT. And then tell the missionaries. Let your friends see the light of Christ in action. Because every one has the light of Christ. But the reason people see a difference in the people of this church is because we recognize that light of Christ within us and act on it. So reach out to somebody that may need to hear the gospel. Invite them. It's really as simple as that. The worst they can do is say no. 

Also get ready, I'm feeling that some big miracles are on their way. I don't have time to go more in detail just buckle your seat belts kiddies. And stay tuned....

With all of my love,
Aulick Shimai

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