Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy belated Easter loved ones! Easter here isn't really celebrated. Even among the church members. Haha 1 member told me and my companion happy Easter. So that was good. :)

So most of this letter is about our investigator named Fujita. He is stellar. He is a 67 year old man with no family and no friends but wants to meet God more than anything. Senmin (elect) for sure. 

So we taught him Friday and after we taught him he gave us a letter. After finally figuring out what the letter said (kanji, can't read a thing) we realized how sweet and awesome this man truly is. He apologized for not celebrating my birthday and how he didn't want to come to church the first time. And he actually wasn't even going to come to church that first Sunday but because we visited him the Saturday before he came. And now he's going to be baptized. 

So that is actually a pretty cool story. That Saturday that we visited him we weren't even going to visit him because we were at a dinner with all of our most recent converts. And it was getting late and raining and we needed to do our weekly planning session. But we both felt like we should just visit him and remind him about church. The Spirit didn't scream at us to go visit him or anything, but we both felt the small, still prompting and urge from the Spirit. So we visited him. Because of that he came to church, and is going to get baptized in June. 

He really struggled to pray for the first time. He didn't address Heavenly Father and didn't close in the name of Jesus Christ. So it wasn't a huge surprise when he said in his letter that he prayed to me the first time he prayed in his house. Hahaha he apologized for that too. 

I love this people and their simple understanding of God's plan. It is truly a struggle for these people to start on their journey back to God, but helping them brings me the greatest joy I've ever felt in my life. 

I pray that we may all listen and heed to the small promptings of the Spirit. You never know where it may lead but we are promised that we will not be led astray. 

With Love from your Japanese friend, 
Aulick Shimai

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