Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's a girl!‏

Weeelllllll transfer calls have come. And I get to train! And I will also be put in a threesome! My other companion is a 3rd transfer and I have already heard super awesome things about her. I am so excited and so nervous. I know nothing about being in a threesome or about training but I am excited for this opportunity to learn and rely on the Lord more than ever before. 

In other news my beautiful, wonderful companion's release date has been moved up and she will be going home this week. She has been sick for her whole mission and has been fighting the good fight for as long as she can. She will considered as an legitimate returned missionary. It will be good because she will get to go home and get better. But it is also a little sad because she is seriously my best friend and I will miss her a ton. But she's got other work to do in America. All is well. :)

This week was a good one. We worked hard and saw the Lord consecrate our efforts on numerous occasions. We were able to contact and make appointments with a couple of potential investigators and was stopped on the street by a random couple so we could exchange phone numbers and come over to their house later. The Lord is truly hastening His work.

Something that I learned this week comes from a scripture that I read in the Book of Mormon this week. It's in Alma 37:34

"Teach them to never be weary of good works"

When I read this, the importance of doing good works struck me with great force. That often times we become weary of doing these good deeds is because we don't see the effects of them. So we become frustrated with the fact that we believe that we may have wasted our time. I promise that no good deed goes unseen by our loving Heavenly Father. And often times the effects of that our beyond our sight. That's one of the things that I believe builds faith. Faith that if we do good things then good things will happen. Because I know they do. I know this because I have been able to see time and time again instances where Heavenly Father has been preparing people to hear and receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ before and even after we meet with these people. I know Heavenly Father will consecrate our best efforts and deeds if that is what we give to Him with our whole heart, might, mind and strength.

There truly is no greater work than this. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love your Japanese friend,
Aulick Shimai

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