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I love being a missionary!!! Japan is beautiful! I am serving in Mikunigaoka (mee-koo-nee-gah-oh-kah) it is a pretty big city. It would be about the same as if I were serving in Olathe. But its better because Im in JAPAN. Ok Im going to do my best to answer questions and then I will tell you about my week.

1st off my trainer is Sister Griffin and she is WONDERFUL. She is seriously the best. She is the best companion I could have right now. I truly feel that after my last companion the Lord is saying, "thanks for being so patient with your last companion, here is an easy one." Ahh its such a relief. My mission president is not a native, he is from California. Its super cold here all of the time. I have on at least 4 layers at all times. Theres not really any central heating in any of the buildings here they just have heaters for each room and its SUPER expensive to use heat and electricity and water so you walk into a cold room every day. In our apartment the only time we turn on the heater is when we say our personal prayers at night. And then when those are done we turn them off. But Ive got super great blankets that always keep me warm. Oh! And we sleep on futons! Which are THE BEST. Its just a few thin mattresses on the ground. I sleep like a baby. They do use the metric system. 

I dont really understand anything anybody says to me. And I cant really read anything either because mostly everything is in kanji but its great! Im learning so many things every day. 

I seriously love Japan. Every body here rides their bikes but my trainer and I are the only people who wear helmets. Plus I am a gaijin (foreigner) so I get a lot of stares and double takes every day. I havent seen any other Americans here. So I look really strange to everybody. My trainers mom is half Japanese and she took 3 semesters worth of Japanese at BYU so she does really well as far as speaking goes and everything. She is super awesome. This is her 5th transfer and so shes already 1/3 of the way done with her mission. 

Thank you so much for the Christmas pictures! Every one looks so happy and it sounds like Christmas was a blast. MADIE YOUR HAIR IS SO LONG. Girl you crazy. 

The members of the Mikunigaoka ward are awesome! They are so happy and so willing to help with anything and everything! They love to give us food. Ive already had 2 dinner appointments with members (which apparently is super rare) and I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD. In fact, at my first dinner appointment they had bought a Costco turkey. Oh by the way, they have Costco here! I havent seen it yet but weve been given several items of food from there. Anyways back to the Costco turkey. So they had the turkey but they didnt know how to cut it because this was their first time eating turkey EVER and the instructions were in english so they asked me if I could cut it. AND SO I DID. Theres a picture. And I cut that turkey like it was my job. So much fun. Missionary work is so much fun! I love going street contacting because I get to practice my Japanese and talk to all of my brothers and sisters! We get turned down a lot but all is well! 

We have a baptism with one of our investigators M_chan (Im not supposed to give out names because its a huge problem here with people getting harassed who are investigating the church.) next Sunday. I cant wait! Shes super awesome and so are all of our investigators. I love them all so much.

I love the people of Japan and I love being a missionary! There are a lot of trials but the simple little joys far outweigh the trials. This work is true and the Lord loves each and every one of you! Open your mouth and let people know that there is a God. And He loves us!

Ai shiteimasu!

Aulick Shimai

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